eat your heart (demos)

by Quinine

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recorded from nov 2013 - dec 2013
in a 6x5' room on a tascam 4-track.
thanks to tete, mathilde & julien(s) for being nice to me and stuff


released January 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Quinine Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: morning (intro)
'a small boat on the voyage of archaeology'

q warm thunder and lightning storm
tonight in tokyo with lots of rain and umbrellas
around 10 pm
this is a small detail right now
but it could be very important
a million years from now when archaeologists
sift through our ruins, trying to figure us out

tokyo, june 5, 1976

by richard brautigan
Track Name: i think i could eat you
i think i could eat you and there's not much that i do
i think i could taste you and there's not much that i care to
so come on over, we'll coat you in sugar and dye your head bright blue
cause you always liked the water, and the way it pulled on you
so let's get drunk together, and wake up feeling rude
and that cosmic twin with her pink purple skin
so state of the art, with your head in your heart, well
i think i could eat you and there's not much that i do
i think i could taste you and there's not much that i care to
so come on over, we'll sit down with my mother
and we'll both get better as we eyeball our dinner
cause i think i could eat, if you ask me real sweet
oh my green circus twin, we were lost to begin with
so i guess we should just get off here
Track Name: be smart
this floor ain't no good for sleepin on
but i cant find my way to the old one
cause dropped my eyes in the water comin' home
looking out for you and the newest girl you're boning

oh i wanna give you back what you gave me

oh sweetie ill eat you however you want me to
but please tell me this wont end the way it seems to be

cause it's going green, fed fat on bad dreams
and my moral extremities, well there's no need to forgive me
my pride's in check but i'll still take what's left today
i always loved those giveaways

and i wanna watch you like you watched me

so i'll smoke my cigarettes and burn myself into your head
give you eyes like the purest, so i can assure you debts

yeah i wanna give you back all of me
you can have it all, i got no need

you can bet your ass ill shoot you dead
stick your eyes on someone else's head
cause i slipped the trigger in the water comin' home
oh no i never linger in the places that i know

but till then, till then
you should probably watch your back and be smart like me
i've gotten real good at giving it for free

(i remember how much you liked to watch me)
Track Name: saltwater dream
i had a saltwater dream
full of fishnets and ice cream
where you walked on your own
all the way, breaking bones
big wigs and baseball bats
lace socks and some child eyed rats

eat me in the park on a sunday
and give me your share in the bathroom monday
lets meet at kotti early today
and lets have a saltwater dream

i had a saint on my sleeve
full of fish tales and boot grease
and some poison in my gut
spooned it free from the man of rust

let me off the ride on a sunday
my fever's getting high anyway
i told you all that i heard today
so gimme that saltwater dream

i had to kill this kitty
full of bad dreams topped with cherries
cause she's makin me feel heavy
with all the way to go

bleed you out in the flat on a sunday
and clean you up in the bath come monday
take you over to them real early
and spread you in the saltwater sea
Track Name: matty go lucky
well you locked me down and gave me a flower crown
fed me on pills and all your cheap thrills
and i never asked you why

and i painted a crumb on my sketchbook today
eating you heart off a plate that i made for your mother
when you still loved her

well she remembered my name, could be worse all the same
cut me out like a game that she loved and lost

did you hear her call from you room for the moon
screaming her lungs off like a loon
the gumball queen of the island scene
the minuteman of the mice eared land
well, i don't know how to paint her, but i think i'll try it later

she somehow became all i wanted to make
drowned me down in the lake that she loved and lost

well matty go lucky, go easy on me
take your time but please just leave me be

well you locked me down and gave me a flower crown
fed me on wine and drugstore delights
and i never asked you why

well matty go lucky, go far and go wide
eat your pride off that spoon that you once despised
Track Name: gumdrop eyes
i cant seem to get off this boat
i know i should cause you stole my coat
load you camera, load you gun
the cold's just hit us and the pains all in fun
so tell me where you're headed
maybe i'll tag along
been by myself too many years
it's made me likely to disappear

so go away little gumdrop eyes
i want to know but i don't got the time
go away little sugar smile
i want to kiss you but for now i cant stay awhile

cause i'm sleepin the room to the right
any problems i just blamed it on the flight
fold your blankets, fold your legs
mind the hands cause they're tired and paid
watching dirty movies while eating ice cream pies
takin in the blood bath, yeah she was spilling from your eyes

so go away little gumdrop eyes
i want to know but i don't got the time
go away foxface smile
i want to know you but i cant stay awhile

fell asleep feeling empty
smoked three packs with no food
i didn't want to like it
but i must confess it felt real good
and we're talking blue streaks
under freezing skies
watch our ashes fall on the people going by
i don't know you but i like you still
maybe ill hang here, yeah maybe i will

so go away little gumdrop eyes
i want to know when i get some time
go away little sugar smile
someday i'll know you but for now give me a while
go away little cold candy candy hands
someday well meet up but for now kid i got plans
Track Name: sockets
chapped lips and sand castles
you watch her in your sleep
white lights and black cats
you blow to her each week
shaved head and holed chest
you invite her to your wake
black white red blue: that's what you looked like to me
crooked teeth and red red cheeks
and your hand covering your eye socket pieces
so it goes, well i guess you know
you got your time and i got mine
don't make me watch your endless demise
i got no stomach for guts, that much you know
send me a postcard from blood to bone
Track Name: next to me
breathe you on my knees, a second sleep to cure my self pity
(well indeed)
need a break it seems, yes fuck me once again to clear my needs
wasting time, see what you got to do to play the part
pity party on me, you see
breathe you on my knee to keep you sweet
keep you next to me, keep you next to me
problems to avoid, hide in me in your hair
don't wanna make a choice
breathe you on my knees to keep you sweet
keep you next to me
Track Name: $10
walk out that door, well you know i'd love to
if i had some where to go
but you're the best of two evils right now dear
so shut up and get ready to go

it's a $10 dawn, and i could eat you if i wanted
tying you tight all in green
but i'm not sure that i ought to, cause you're twisting over in my tune

well take it on me, don't take it on them
stop all your bitching, i just wanna borrow a ten
no i don't care what happened, no i don't wanna hear
just lean on back before you clear outta here

its a $10 dawn, but i know what i saw
and i won't be telling you nothing
but you'll know anyways from my grin
as you walk along trippin you lid

and i don't like it at all when you not here
but i'll hate your even more if you get too near
so you should probably just stay right there
and your spewing your shit, while i'm taking the hit
moving me over while you're make you bid
why can't you just keep them happy?

a $10 dawn, and i could have it if i wanted
but then i'd have to spend it with you
and your not the one that i want to
no she drove right off on cicero

walk out that door, well you know how i'd love to
cause i got some where to go
smiling green and losing your teeth, just drop wherever you please

its $10 dawn, and i paid for my call
spending the blue on your floor
watching you walk on the feet that she washed
moving me over for more
Track Name: radio flyer blues
i awoke like a child whose been told that he's home
but its not the place that i've always know
and i don't want you and i don't want him
i just want to be by myself again

well, tell me that you love me, and i'll tell you what to do
tell me that you need it, and i'll show you what you're gonna go thru

once i had a nice new friend
with no kneecaps and eyes like rain
and his mother worked in a hospital
but still smoked like she was destined to
and i wondered if he would die
like all the kids in the songs we sung
and i often asked him real nicely if he really wanted me to stay

well your volvo dreams, always ending up downstream
and that bright blue car forever haunts me when i see it from afar

once i had a radio flyer, it held everything that i desired
my minnie mouse and my baby cat
and everything that i would need
oh if i ran away from light blue cars, and all the men drinkin in the dark
the old ladies and their god crazed minds
their sickly sweets and their frozen sense of time

tell me that you love me, well you sell yourself so short
tell me that you need it and i'll come and take it all by force
Track Name: a note to self
keep your heart down and your head up
keep your shoes on and your mouth shut
pick the flowers in the public park
if you want something to talk about

open wide cause he's gonna come inside
and take anything if makes you feel alright

keep your thoughts above and you hands below
keep your boots on and your luck in tow
spit your cherry tongue at the ones you want
and don't bother with the ones that talk

close your eyes cause you're gonna be alright
and take anything if helps kill the fright
Track Name: brautigan
excuse me, i thought you were a trout stream
the way you pick up moonbeams
in your kool aid reality, you would come and sit all day with me
and the child eyed rats came to eat my heart out back
and i wished that i had you to feed them instead

excuse me, i thought you were a trout stream
the way you pick up on all her games
in your telephone booth reality, you would come and talk all day to me

and the red-hatted man with his eyes like the sun
held is camera to me like the point of a gun
and i thought he was a trout stream too
the way he told me what to do

hey trout stream you;re looking pretty blue
and i know you think that i do to
in your cellophane reality, you would drink up all my marble tea

and that ten dollar dawn with its streetlights for eyes
coughing up all my cash as the blue train it tries to pull on

hey trout stream can i be your queen
you can tell me all the season's seen
in your cherry picking reality, you would come & smoke all day with me

and the blue water fell into trout fishing hell
and everyone died a grand trout death
and the trout doctor comes and removes the disordered portion of my imagination, so i lost all my temptation today

hey salesman, can i buy your trout stream
give me 3 feet by all 17
yeah i know it's gone dry as a bone
but i will fill it up and make it home
cause i nowhere else to go